Aapo Huhta


Sorrow? Very unlikely Aapo Huhta

Sorrow? Very Unlikely

In Sorrow? Very Unlikely, Aapo Huhta explores the way in which Artificial Intelligence perceives the photographs made by human beings.  The project is composed of recent images that Huhta has selected from his personal archive and has interpreted from the image-recognition programs API Vision of Google and Seeing AI of Microsoft, both available to the public. The deductions in real time of the images, executed by the respective IA of the recognition program, were then transformed in audio tracks.  The result is a friction between images and words, photography  and  new technologies, that raise unsettling questions on the role of humans in the future productive scenario. 

Aapo Huhta (1985) is a Helsinki-based photographer. Huhta combines elements of documentary practice with his own subjective observations and explores different forms of photographic essay, its methods and possibilities.