International photographic competition by nomination - Fondazione MAST - Photography Grant on industry and work / 2020

International photographic competition by nomination

MAST Photography grant on industry and work

MAST FOUNDATION FOR PHOTOGRAPHY GRANT ON INDUSTRY AND WORK is a biennial selection of young photographers that aims to document and support image research activities related to industry, the transformation it brings about on society and the environment and the role of labour in economic and productive development.
Initially promoted by G.D, a worldwide leader in the packaging machinery sector, as of 2013 the competition has become part of a broader project coordinated by the MAST Foundation, a non-profit organisation that promotes activities conducted by the multifunctional centre of the same name, providing corporate welfare services and making them available to the community. Opened in Bologna in 2013, MAST (Manifattura di Arti, Sperimentazione e Tecnologia) [Arts, Experience, and Technology] is an innovative complex located next to the historic G.D factory, serving as a centre for sharing and collaborating which performs a variety of functions, offering an Academy, a Company Restaurant, a Wellness area, an Auditorium, a Technology Gallery and a Photo Gallery, where industrial photography is part of the Foundation’s primary mission.

Since 2007, the competition has contributed to creating a collection of photographs by contemporary artists whose works are included in the MAST Foundation’s historic and articulated industrial photography collection curated by Urs Stahel, who in the past directed the Fotomuseum Winterthur for 20 years. In 2017 the competition changed its name to MAST FOUNDATION FOR PHOTOGRAPHY GRANT ON INDUSTRY AND WORK, becoming a part of the broader project on industrial photography coordinated by the MAST Foundation in Bologna. All the activities connected to the collection are based in the space devoted to the themes of industry and labour located in the MAST Photo Gallery. The competition also takes place within this specific and original project. The MAST Foundation also promotes Foto/Industria, the first biennial of industrial photography in the world, the fourth edition of which was held in Bologna in 2019.