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The MAST Photography Grant on Industry and Work is a biennial photography competition dedicated to emerging talents. The projects of the five finalists on show at MAST and curated by Urs Stahel, tackle contemporary perspectives and topics: the environmental damage due to intensive agriculture, female identity in film industry and information technology, industrial design, Artificial Intelligence and homologation in the fashion industry.


MAST FOUNDATION FOR PHOTOGRAPHY GRANT ON INDUSTRY AND WORK is a biennial selection of young photographers that aims to document and support image research activities related to industry, the transformation it brings about on society and the environment and the role of labour in economic and productive development.


May / 2018

Selectors appointed

June / 2018

Candidates invited

September / 2018

Projects submitted

December / 2018

Finalists selected

Jan 2019 - September / 2020

Projects executed and delivered

October - February / 2021

Winner communication and finalist exhibition at mast


An international non-profit organization associated with the Coesia industrial group and conceived as a bridge between the company and the community, the MAST Foundation was set up in 2013 with the aim of sharing its cultural mission with the city. A multifunctional laboratory in which to experiment with new models of company welfare, MAST, a place for sharing and collaborating that hosts various activities open to the city. 

The PhotoGallery, with a programme of temporary exhibitions dedicated to industrial and work photography, curated by Urs Stahel, is the only institution in the world devoted to images focused on work.