Alessandro Sambini



Alessandro Sambini was born in Rovigo in 1982. He was recently awarded an MA in Research Architecture by the Visual Cultures Department of Goldsmiths College in London.
He began his photographic career in 2005 with a reportage entitled “Dov’è il Polesine”. In 2009 he won the XXIII Gallarate Visual Arts Prize for his photographic project “Ghe Pronto!”
He is currently working independently on two video projects that explore the relationship between images created by the traditional media, the viewer’s re-appropriation of these images, their subsequent manipulation and the creation of alternative forms of narrative based on such material. The first project takes as its subject the inauguration ceremony for Dubai’s Burj Khalifa Tower. The second focuses on the murder of five women in Pittsburgh in early August, 2009, by a man called George Sodini. Sambini has recently finished a 40-minute documentary entitled “Bona Fide” on the subject of female domestic workers from the Philippines.