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Dita Pepe
Dita Pepe was born in 1973 in Ostrava, Czech Republic. After graduating from grammar school she moved to Germany where she became interested in photography. In 1999 she started working on her most successful project, “Self-portraits”, where she appeared alongside women she photographed in their everyday lives. In 2001 her photos were exhibited widely and received numerous international awards. At the same time, portfolios of her work were published in European magazines. In 2003 she was awarded a master’s degree for a series of pictures, an extension of the “Self-portraits”, in which she appeared in the role of a wife or partner or family member with her male subjects, in artificially lit, outdoor settings.

Lea Crespi
Lea Crespi graduated from the Vevey photography school in Switzerland in 2001 and has since been working as a freelance photographer for European newspapers and magazines. Her work, mainly portraits and reportage, is in colour and in various formats. For her personal project, “Lieux” (Places), Crespi has taken pictures of special places – abandoned houses, building sites, old hotels, factories, warehouses – where she has used her own body, her own skin, as a prop. Parts of this project have been shown in galleries and at events throughout Europe and Asia: the Gallery Vu’ in Arles and Paris, France (2004, 2005, 2008), the Heyri Festival in Seoul, South Korea (2005), Langhans Galerie in Prague, Czech Republic (2005), Paris Photo, Paris, France (2004).

Rob Hornstra
Rob Hornstra was born in 1975. In June 2004, he graduated in photography from the Academy of Arts, Utrecht, the Netherlands, having previously studied Social and Legal Services and worked as a probation officer for one year. His photography can best be seen as a combination of these two areas of study. Hornstra won the Dutch Photo Academy Award with his book ‘Communism & Cowgirls’. His second book “Roots of the Rùntur”, published in 2006, is a collection of photos taken in Iceland, where he completed a two-month assignment commissioned by the International Photography Research Network in the European Union. Both Hornstra’s books have sold out. Hornstra’s work has been published in many magazines and newspapers in the Netherlands and abroad. His two major projects have been shown in exhibitions all over the world. .

*The winners are listed based on the scores awarded by the jury